Year in Review-“ITS A BABY”

Needless to say, this has been quite a year. In one year my life has changed so drastically. I recently went on vacation with my friends Natalie and Victoria and their two boys and we all discussed our new year’s resolutions. Before I get into that, here are a few moments I’d like to remember about 2013.

*Just one year ago today, I said goodbye to my friends, my job, and beloved beach cottage in Seal Beach, CA, and moved to Daly City in Northern California. I’d lived in So. Cal for 18 years! Just a tiny change!

*I was just about 6 months pregnant with my first child when I moved! Hormones galore!

*I took a job as a babysitter for my nieces and nephew the last part of my pregnancy.

*At nine months pregnant I took a chance and went in for a job interview for a preschool teacher and got it! I think I stood out just a little bit!

*Best Quote of the Year-“It’s a baby!” said by my sister and birthing coach, Marie. On April 27, 2013 (one week past my due date) after two and 1/2 long days of labor, my son, came into the world! Marie’s excitement still makes me laugh, for my response to her quote was, yeah I know it’s a baby….what kind? (I didn’t find out the sex to my little one)

*Motherhood has been scaaaary and rewarding all in one. The first three months we dealt with major hormone issues, colic, acid reflux and many sleepless nights. I also was able to experience my first Mother’s Day, Samuel’s first giggle, smile, roll over, army crawl, his first teeth, his first Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

*I became way more crafty this year, thanks to Pinterest!

*I’m lucky enough to have my son be cared for my my Mom and niece Brooklyn, two days a week!

*I celebrated the nuptials of my cousins Michael and Katherine and Dan and Nazaneen!

*I totally became that Mom that posts every milestone and whatnot onto social media…oh well, my boy is so cute!

*I started another new job as a preschool teacher.

*I was introduced to Sherri, my son’s caregiver. She’s been a huge blessing.

*I went to my first and only Mom’s group. It just wasn’t for me. Samuel and I have plans to do a Mommy and Me song and movement class in the new year.

*In his short life S has traveled quite a bit, to Sonoma for a wedding, the Russian River for a short vacation, to Southern California to meet all my friends, and a winter getaway to San Luis Obispo with the Velez family. In SLO I realized my baby loves the water! Swimming lessons here we come!

*In 2013 S entered the world, but so did Oliver, Silas, and Nile. BFF’s for my boy!

*My GNOL friend, Baby Rachel got engaged!

*I had my gallbladder removed due to gall stones….so awesome!

*Oooh and to top this year off, I went into the ER on my birthday of all days….diagnosis…. kidney stones! I really dislike you stones!

*By far, motherhood has been the best of 2013. My boy is 8 months old and it has all gone by so fast. I knew I’d love a baby, I just didn’t realize how much my heart could stretch.

In 2014 I hope my son continues to reach all of his milestones, stays healthy and happy. I want to lose my extra 12 pounds of baby weight, start photographing again, move into my own house or apartment, take S on more road trips, learn to not sweat the small stuff, try and be in more photos with my son, eat better and be more active.

Sand I wish everyone a Happy New Year!




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