sunshine [suhn-shahyn]  noun brightness or radiance; cheerfulness  San Francisco, although known for many things, unfortunately sunshine is not one of them. It’s rare to get a string of days filled with sun. The sun may shine most days, but it is never hot. This past weekend has hit the bay area with a welcomed amount of hot sun. Enough […]


kick |kik|verb  strike or propel forcibly with the foot I spent the afternoon with “P” at her soccer practice. How adorable is she? I love her socks!          


habit |ˈhabit|noun a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up One of the only drawbacks of having cute nieces and nephews is my desire to photograph them all the time. Each time I see them, which is about every 5 months or so, I feel like it has been […]