…Memories-Part 1

memory |ˈmem(ə)rē|noun something remembered from the past; a recollection It’s been a few months since I’ve seen this little boy, so I can imagine he looks a bit different, but this past summer I had the privilege of being nanny to this little guy and his big brother. It was a great time, very enlightening. I was […]


lemonade |ˌleməˈnād; ˈleməˌnād|noun a drink made from lemon juice and sweetened water. Throughout childhood there are just certain things you need to do at least once. Not wanting my nieces to miss out on one of these great stamps of childhood, I (without asking their Mom first) decided to excite their little minds with the idea […]


recess |ˈrēˌses; riˈses| noun a period of time when the proceedings of a parliament, committee, court of law, or other official body are temporarily suspended Here are my preschoolers enjoying a little bit of recess time on a nice sunny morning. No wonder this is one of their favorite parts of the day!


chubby |ˈ ch əbē| adjective ( -bier , -biest )plump and rounded I love babies. I love them especially when the rolls of chub start to appear. Chubby arms, legs, double chins, and cheeks…how adorable. Leo fits the bill on that one. Now tell me, can anyone really resist this little Roley poly?