…a Journey

journey |ˈjərnē| noun ( pl. -neys)an act of traveling from one place or time to another   Dear Natalie and Victoria, 365 days, I can’t believe it, I’m sure neither of you can either. It’s a big day, Leo’s first birthday! Undoubtedly, birthdays are about the kid, but today I also want to celebrate and wish you two a […]


tootsie |ˈtoŏtsē| (also tootsy)noun ( pl. -sies) informal  a person’s foot. After an fun afternoon at the beach spent snacking, surfing, and snoozing, Natalie attempted to put her son’s “tootsies” in the ocean water. He was having none of it. Brrrrrrrr, way too cold. Fortunately it made for some funny and adorable photos.    


habit |ˈhabit|noun a settled or regular tendency or practice, esp. one that is hard to give up One of the only drawbacks of having cute nieces and nephews is my desire to photograph them all the time. Each time I see them, which is about every 5 months or so, I feel like it has been […]