determination |diˌtərməˈnāSHən| noun firmness of purpose; resoluteness  He started out slow, actually he was crying the first thirty minutes, but after some lunch (go figure) my son was ready and willing to find his perfect pumpkin. My son’s Auntie Rie came with us to Lemos Farm this weekend to beat the crowds before the big pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay in […]


frosting |ˈfrôsti ng |noun icing Last weekend I spent Halloween in the Bay Area with my family. I attended three parades and one big family gathering. Annually my sister, Beth hosts a Halloween party for all the young ones. This year a Pirate, Rapunzel, Strawberry Shortcake, a Cow, Batman, a Boxer, and a Pumpkin made an appearance. Fun […]

…Make Believe

Halloween 1

make-believe verb pretend; imagine For the first time since all my nieces and nephews were born I spent Halloween with them. When not technically on the day, but at each of their perspective schools the Friday before. Each had their own Halloween parade. Absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I fell more in love […]