frosting |ˈfrôsti ng |noun icing Last weekend I spent Halloween in the Bay Area with my family. I attended three parades and one big family gathering. Annually my sister, Beth hosts a Halloween party for all the young ones. This year a Pirate, Rapunzel, Strawberry Shortcake, a Cow, Batman, a Boxer, and a Pumpkin made an appearance. Fun […]


lovely |ˈləvlē|adjective very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful

This was a first for me. During my session with Jen she asked to stop at a bar for a beer to calm her nerves. As with most people, having your picture taking is quite unnerving. People are looking at you, sometimes you can tend to feel a bit vain, and you feel awkward. I know how she feels, this is why I am behind the lens as much as possible. […]