butterball |ˈbətərˌbôl|noun  a plump bird, esp. a turkey or bufflehead I present, Mr. Chubb! Look at the meat on those legs! Don’t you wanna just squeeze them! Mr. Chubb’s new trick is to sit up all by himself. I just about had a laughing fit after I saw his little chubby legs bounce around in his swing. I could of […]



  sunshine [suhn-shahyn]  noun brightness or radiance; cheerfulness  San Francisco, although known for many things, unfortunately sunshine is not one of them. It’s rare to get a string of days filled with sun. The sun may shine most days, but it is never hot. This past weekend has hit the bay area with a welcomed amount of hot sun. Enough […]


pudge |pəj|noun informal fat on a person’s body This post is dedicated to my niece Brooklyn and all of her adorable pudginess! I am absolutely in love with her.