determination |diˌtərməˈnāSHən| noun firmness of purpose; resoluteness  He started out slow, actually he was crying the first thirty minutes, but after some lunch (go figure) my son was ready and willing to find his perfect pumpkin. My son’s Auntie Rie came with us to Lemos Farm this weekend to beat the crowds before the big pumpkin festival in Half Moon Bay in […]


fever |ˈfēvər|adj. the excitement felt by a group of people about a particular public event In the last 8 weeks three of my good friends all had baby boys and just today my cousin delivered a healthy baby girl. Baby Fever is in the air! But, today is just for introducing this blue-eyed, adorable little peanut. who […]


being |ˈbēi ng | noun existence He is finally here. Introducing Leo! Five days ago this precious little peanut entered the world and changed the lives of everyone around him in an instant. Life as my friends Victoria and Natalie had known it would never be the same. I heard them both say on different occasions how the […]