review |riˈvyoō|noun a retrospective survey or report on past events

It is that time of year again and I truly cannot believe it….2011 is coming to a close. It seemed to go by fast. Here is what I can remember as to what happened this past year…

*I spent an unusually frequent amount of time in the Bay Area…and I really enjoyed it!

*I stood in line with massive amounts of teenage girls to see the midnight showing of Breaking Dawn.

*I attended an International Food Faire…Baklava was my favorite.

*Girls Night on Location went camping and surfing.

*I continued my Wednesday beach walks with Noelle.

*Laser Hair Removal…Genius!

*My sisters and Aunt stayed with me in my little beach cottage.

*Poor Buster!

*Went to a Game Night Meet-Up group.

*My small town of Seal Beach experienced a fateful shooting that killed 8 people.

*I baked and cooked a little bit more this year.

*I realized throughout the whole year I needed a new computer…this hasn’t happened yet.

*For the first time in five years I turned on my television.

*Sheila and I became groupies of Ark Collective

*I went to the Melrose Flea Market…poshest flea market I’ve ever been to!

*I finally learned what a hipster was.

*Made rocket blasters with my nephews.

*Became addicted to Slurpees.

*Had school girl crushes on Ryan Gosling, Nate Shierholtz, and yes, Justin Bieber.

*Went brunette and cut my hair.

*Began having panic attacks while driving…I’m turning into my mother!

*Brooklyn Susan Zayac was born!

*Leo, Keiana, and Alicia also joined the world!

*My friend Sara got married…it was at her wedding that I had a Hallmark Institute of Photography reunion too.

*I nervously took the reins over and photographed a wing ceremony.

*My Aunt Peggy passed away.

*My friends and I painted by bedroom walls Pebble Grey.

*Represented my Giants love at Dodger Stadium and Petco Park all season long.

*Went horseback riding.

*Played in two charity kickball games, one for Men’s Health the other for the Special Olympics.

*Waited over 10 hours in the hospital waiting room for Vic to have her baby.

*Sat through over 14 innings of baseball only to leave right before Nate Shierholtz hit a home run to win the game…figures!

*My friends Eriko, Noelle, and Maryann are  pregnant.

*I joined Weight Watchers and lost 9lbs.

*I wore a freakin bikini this summer.

*I went ice skating.

*I had weekly Skype sessions with my nieces and nephew.

*I became a tutor.

*I attended and can’t quite remember all the details to an 80’s party.

*I will attempt to stand on a surfboard tomorrow…..

*I ate lunch in a helicopter hanger on the rooftop of  the LAPD building!

*Just now…right now I opened a video on my email from my nieces and nephews singing Happy Birthday to me…I feel so loved!

*Was one of 20+ people on Floatopia on 4th of July!

*Took some adventures with Shiela down the 101 Freeway.

*Grew some tomatoes.

*Took on a new photography project..to be continued.

*Got cold feet right before a balloon ride.

*Fell in love with the series Bones.

*Paid off my credit card debt.

*Saw Glee in concert, it sucked.

*Was privy to photos with the great Cindy Knull.

*Was introduced to quinoa, Etsy, Brave Girls Club, Footnote, West Elm and Pinterest.

*Attempted to sell my furniture.

*Began saving for a very big purchase!

*Enjoyed the Renaissance Faire for the first time…very interesting.

*Enjoyed my summer taking care of Frankie and Jack…a twosome I miss to this day!

*Cheered on and supported a family member

*Went to the dentist.

*Received a crap load of street sweeping tickets.

*Got bitten by a dog.

*Danced and had a date with a Ryan Gosling look-a-like.

*Got a flat tire.

*Trained and ultimately failed in completing the Giant Race 1/2 Marathon..next year for sure!

*Dinner with Elena and Katie S. was a blast (from the past)

*Hosted a tea party.

*Spent a vacation in the ER.

* K. Ma came to life.

*Got laid off from a job I worked at for 7 years.

*Had a lemonade stand with my nieces.

*Started writing.

*I took some photos of art for a new friend and new venture.

*Suffered a small bout of depression when I lost my job…small identity crisis!

*Got a new job working with a three awesome girls!

*Went to a museum and gallery opening

*Went apple picking.

*I made some crappy choices which led to the demise of a friendship of someone I was really close to…..rightfully so.

*I joined my neice and nephew in the ocean with all of our clothes on.

*One of my images ended up on a bottle as an advertisement for beer…sweet!

*I was supported by friends and family.

I lost a bit this year, a family member, a job, a few friendships, but in some of that turmoil I realized all that I have gained. I can cry with my cousin in her office one day and laugh over apple pie the next. I realized this year how strong and reliable my family is. I realized I have great friends who love me, want the best for me, and stand by me. I can’t ask for anything more. I hope everyone out there has a wonderful New Year…Keep growing!






  1. jackie says:

    As usual, I’m inspired by your words. You’re always so insightful. I admire that you take the time to reflect back on your year & learn from it….something I’m trying to do. And I absolutely agree…..our family is strong, reliable, & accepting…..amazing attributes. Love you.

  2. Cindy Knull says:

    Awwww! I didn’t see this until just now. And I’m included in this list!!! Love to you. 🙂

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