reflection |riˈflek sh ən| noun serious thought or consideration

In 2010 I….

-helped build a playground from scratch for children

-went to see the plays Peter Pan and Rent

-tried to convince my friend Cindy and gal pal Alex to move to Seal Beach

-hosted two kickball games raising money for pediatric cancer

-dog sat…(I hated it)

-got my first gray hairs

-participated in an I heart faces photo walk

-volunteered regularly at a shelter for women and children

-flirted with disaster just a bit

-went on a series of first dates

-traveled to Las Vegas, Wisconsin, Washington DC, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and San Diego

-attended a Jason Mraz concert that inspired me to move on from an old love

-had  a bonfire

-went to a huge Buddhist event in Long Beach and really enjoyed it

-made my last payment toward owning my first car

-celebrated with Noelle at her engagement party

-had a scare on a prop plane on my way to Wisconsin

-began tutoring Hudson to learn how to read

-started a secret pal idea at work

-celebrated my 33rd birthday with good friends

-found my soulmates in Cindy and Brad

-had a hard drive crash

-had my family come out and visit me and stay awhile for the 1st time in the 13 years I have lived in Southern California

-self-sabataged a few working and personal relationships

-cried tears of sadness and joy when my friend Alex got married

-had the police come to my house on two sepearate occasions(all was well)

-saw my nieces and nephews in thier Halloween parades for the first time since they were born

-helped friends move

-had a 17 year elementary school reunion

-found out my sister Jackie, friends Victoria, Jessica, Maryann, and Karen were pregnant

-a family member got me out of a jam

-went to Legoland

-exprienced a lot of earthquakes this summer

-enjoyed time with my Mom when she came to visit me

-attended Game 2 of the World Series in San Francisco

-began taking nature walks in the early mornings

-my friend Shiela helped me create this awesome new blog

-roasted marshmallows with my nephew

-cheered on my San Francisco Giants at a bar in Seal Beach as they beat the Texas Rangers to become World Series Champions

-learned how to make fudge

-got a new bed frame

-bought a flatscreen TV, it sat in the box for a few months, finally hung it on the wall in April, and it still hasn’t ever been turned on

-fell in love with Glee (through Netflix of course)

-began donating money to enviromental charities

-swam in the ocean for the first time in years

-sang Don’t Stop Believing, California Gurls, and Soul Sister with my nieces

-joined a Creativity Workshop

-loved what my niece Caitlin said to me this summer, “I’m gonna dream about the ocean tonight.”

-partied the last night of the year away with my friends

-ended the year with a new lease on life

“The opposite of old is not young. The opposite of old is new. As long as we continue to experience the new, we will gloriously inhabit all the ages that we are.””

Happy New Year to All!


  1. Cindy Knull says:

    This is so beautiful. Brad is sitting next to me crying. With tears. Happy New Year, Ms. Katie. We love you.

  2. jackie says:


    As usually you’re always very thoughtful & insightful. I admire that you take the time to think about your year & learn from it.


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