imagination |iˌmajəˈnāSHən|noun the faculty or action of forming new ideas, or images or concepts of external objects not present to the senses I hadn’t seen Leo in along time, so during our photo shoot I thought it best to stay out of his way, while he played with his helicopter. If you ever want to experience that unexplained tingle you get when out of the […]



dribble |ˈdribəl| verb pour (a liquid) slowly in drops or a thin stream Ice cream isn’t meant to be eaten any other way!



pal |pal| informal noun a friend I love these two. I love them even more growing up as best friends!

…Pier 39


pier |pi(ə)r| noun a structure leading out from the shore into a body of water Having summer’s off is really working for me! During my time off I promised myself I’d take my son out and do some touristy things. We played in Golden Gate Park, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, and today took my niece along with us […]

…Golden Gate Park


park |pärk| noun a large public green area in a town, used for recreation I’m not sure the name of the park I took my niece and nephew to in Golden Gate Park. I called it the “hill park” when I was a kid. Hill park because there was a huge grassy hill that we used to roll […]



introduction |ˌintrəˈdəkSHən| noun  the action of introducing something Today I watched my nieces and nephew while their Mom was at home finishing up some work. I’d been wanting to introduce someone to a new place I’d scouted for photos and today seemed like the best time. All three ran to the top of the grassy hill and then I heard the excitement […]



pie |pī| noun a baked dish of fruit, or meat and vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry. To celebrate my Dad’s 68th birthday I held a pie eating contest in his honor. I asked who wanted to take part in a special event without letting them know what they were taking part in. I said […]



ravioli |ˌravēˈōlē|noun small pasta envelopes containing ground meat, cheese, or vegetables For the first time at dinner tonight “S” wanted to feed himself. He was adamant about using the fork to stab the ravioli. I tried helping him and he grabbed hold of the fork and the ravioli went flying, It was the first day of many, I’m sure, where food will […]



three |THrē|cardinal number equivalent to the sum of one and two First comes LOVE Then comes MARRIAGE Then comes THE BABY IN THE BABY CARRIAGE! Love+Marriage=Baby  Mommy+Daddy=Baby! It all adds up to BABY! Can’t wait to meet you little one! Congrats Dan and Nazaneen!  



butterball |ˈbətərˌbôl|noun  a plump bird, esp. a turkey or bufflehead I present, Mr. Chubb! Look at the meat on those legs! Don’t you wanna just squeeze them! Mr. Chubb’s new trick is to sit up all by himself. I just about had a laughing fit after I saw his little chubby legs bounce around in his swing. I could of […]