buddy |ˈbədē| informal noun a close friend It’s been awhile since I’ve posted something new but with the summer here I hope to blog more often. I’ve been settling in to working full time as a nanny for three great girls. The days are long, not quite like being in a classroom. I am trying my best […]


token |ˈtōkən|noun a voucher that can be exchanged for goods or services, typically one given as a gift or offered as part of a promotional offer This video brought a smile to my face this morning. I came across it from the blog All for the Boys and was introduced to an inspirational nine year named Caine. Caine […]


friend |frend|noun a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations. Here are four of my girlfriends and I at a recent Sunday brunch.


fever |ˈfēvər|adj. the excitement felt by a group of people about a particular public event In the last 8 weeks three of my good friends all had baby boys and just today my cousin delivered a healthy baby girl. Baby Fever is in the air! But, today is just for introducing this blue-eyed, adorable little peanut. who […]


bacon |ˈbākən|noun cured meat from the back or sides of a pig Leave it to these two silly girls to find new uses for bacon!  


sushi |ˈsoō sh ē|noun a Japanese dish consisting of small balls or rolls of vinegar-flavored cold cooked rice served with a garnish of raw fish, vegetables, or egg. I recently attended a sushi party. After a short tutorial from a party goer I attempted my first sushi crab roll. The imitation crab actually freaked me out the most, […]


rainbow |ˈrānˌbō|noun an arch of colors formed in the sky in certain circumstances, caused by the refraction and dispersion of the sun’s light by rain or other water droplets in the atmosphere HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!    

…Let’s Go Giants

Let’s Get Back to Work– click to see more!  


trail |trāl|noun a beaten path through rough country such as a forest or moor Part two of my Happiness Project includes trying something new every month. For awhile I’ve been looking for a hobby that includes exercise too. I run..(but not for fun), I walk..(but this isn’t very strenuous), I like attempting my workout videos..(I so don’t […]


breakfast |ˈbrekfəst|noun a meal eaten in the morning, the first of the day As part of my own Happiness Project…(see previous post)…I have written a resolution to cook breakfast for myself on the weekend. Doesn’t breakfast taste so much better on the weekend anyway?During the week I am out the door in the morning grabbing a […]