beginning |biˈgini ng |noun the point in time or space at which something starts Beginnings Bungalow is in business. My close friend, Victoria, owner of Beginnings Bungalow, has spots available for children ages 2 months to 5 years old. Victoria has worked with children for over 10 years and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from Long Beach […]


tootsie |ˈtoŏtsē| (also tootsy)noun ( pl. -sies) informal  a person’s foot. After an fun afternoon at the beach spent snacking, surfing, and snoozing, Natalie attempted to put her son’s “tootsies” in the ocean water. He was having none of it. Brrrrrrrr, way too cold. Fortunately it made for some funny and adorable photos.    


Playing UNO with a five year old was not as easy as I thought it would be. Who knew this was such a competitive game? Well,…..I’m not the kind of person to let someone win, where is the lesson in that! Funny thing is that I really didn’t win this one. Jack, laughed at me […]


 skate |skāt| noun  a device, typically with wheels on the underside, used to move a heavy or unwieldy object Last weekend I spent the afternoon at a roller rink. Fun was had by all who attended Chloe’s 6th birthday party. From the get go Chloe was the only one out on the floor, but after […]


chubby |ˈ ch əbē| adjective ( -bier , -biest )plump and rounded I love babies. I love them especially when the rolls of chub start to appear. Chubby arms, legs, double chins, and cheeks…how adorable. Leo fits the bill on that one. Now tell me, can anyone really resist this little Roley poly?


pin |pin|noun a short piece of wood or metal for various purposes, in particular• (in bowling) one of a set of bottle-shaped wooden pieces that are arranged in an upright position at the end of a lane in order to be toppled by a rolling ball. I love stuff like this. Kids are so unpredictable, funny, and so […]


daddy |ˈdadē|noun informal one’s father Maryann and her husband, Dionne came out to celebrate his impending fatherhood last weekend, with a few of his long time and closest friends. From the get go, men were asked to wear Hawaiian leis, to go with the party’s theme and had to withhold from saying, “dude, bro, and man.” […]


anticipation |anˌtisəˈpā sh ən|noun the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction Will you marry me?..check, going to the chapel….check, and then comes baby. A lot can happen in twelve short months. This is the third time in a year I have photographed Dionne and Maryann. Once for their engagement, then again for their wedding, and yesterday, you guessed […]


forever |fəˈrevər; fô-|adverb for all future time; for always Norm and Sara are just about a month away from tying the knot; just a few short weeks from…..forever. It is an exciting time for both. These two put together a wedding in warp speed. The only loose end was an engagement session. I was honored to […]


tea |tē| noun a light afternoon meal consisting typically of tea to drink, sandwiches, and cakes This weekend Katie Mahoney Photography threw a tea party. All who were invited received a mini photo session, had etiquette lessons on the correct way to place a napkin and hold a teacup, tea party games were played, prizes were won, […]