….My Backyard!

backyard |ˈbakˈyärd|noun a yard behind a house or other building Day and night the skies provided me with beautiful scenery to look at this weekend; I couldn’t help but click away and I’ve realized how truly lucky I am to call this place my backyard.


belated |biˈlātid|adjective coming or happening later than should have been the case Here are some photos taken at Christmas time that I forgot to post of my all time favorite kiddies. Cookie decorating at Auntie Beth’s. How delicious!


My preschool class is so cute. I know you can’t actually see their faces here, but that is intentional. Today in class we taught them all about what a papoose was and then created our own.

…Make Believe

Halloween 1

make-believe verb pretend; imagine For the first time since all my nieces and nephews were born I spent Halloween with them. When not technically on the day, but at each of their perspective schools the Friday before. Each had their own Halloween parade. Absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I fell more in love […]