favorite |ˈfāv(ə)rət|adjective preferred before all others of the same kind Now that I’m part of the “cool group” with a new IPhone, my new obsession is the Instagram App. It’s official I’m addicted. Here are a few of my favorites from the past week.      


new |n(y)oō|adjective in addition to another or others already existing


    review |riˈvyoō|noun a retrospective survey or report on past events It is that time of year again and I truly cannot believe it….2011 is coming to a close. It seemed to go by fast. Here is what I can remember as to what happened this past year… *I spent an unusually frequent amount of time […]


progress|ˈprägrəs; ˈprägˌres; ˈprōˌgres| noun forward or onward movement toward a destination I did it, I did it, I did it! LOOK…my very first tomato. I’m sure the way I did it was wrong and I’m pretty sure all three tomato plants are in the wrong size containers, but I don’t care, I did it. I’ve […]


spontaneity |ˌspäntəˈnēitē; -ˈnā-| noun performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus Here I go again. I think spontaneity is a great personality trait when it come to certain things. For the most part I’m a go with the flow kind of girl. For some time […]


excitement |ikˈsītmənt|noun a feeling of great enthusiasm and eagerness How exciting, my very first “Tiny Tim” tomato made its first appearance today. For someone with absolutely no green thumb, this is a great feat. With the help from Love Apple Farm, I learned a great deal thus far about worm castings, watering, and container gardening. In […]


Check out my favorite pictures from 2010……here!


reflection |riˈflek sh ən| noun serious thought or consideration In 2010 I…. -helped build a playground from scratch for children -went to see the plays Peter Pan and Rent -tried to convince my friend Cindy and gal pal Alex to move to Seal Beach -hosted two kickball games raising money for pediatric cancer -dog sat…(I hated it) -got […]


At the World Series, Game 2

bliss |blis| noun perfect happiness; great joy It is hard to explain what this past month has meant to me. It’s a game, but it’s not just a game! What this season of Giants baseball has done for me, my family, my friends, and for my city is really quite indescribable. This particular Giants team has […]