…a Journey

journey |ˈjərnē| noun ( pl. -neys)an act of traveling from one place or time to another


Dear Natalie and Victoria,

365 days, I can’t believe it, I’m sure neither of you can either. It’s a big day, Leo’s first birthday! Undoubtedly, birthdays are about the kid, but today I also want to celebrate and wish you two a Happy Day!

Over the course of this year perhaps in the beginning you were a bit frazzled, short on sleep, feeling unclean from not being able to shower when you needed to, maybe you were even puked on, most likely you probably had to touch poop, maybe you wondered why he wouldn’t stop crying, this could lead to stress and frustration, and maybe a bit of insanity. Did you feel any of this? Well if so, I’m here to tell you you both handled it like champions. Watching the two of you not only interact with Leo, but also with each other has been a true lesson in love and family.

Now a year later Leo, is army crawling, eating fabulously, doesn’t he “love” Pizza Hut!, he’s mimicking everything you do, Mama seems to be his favorite word, how fitting…, he has a mouth full of teeth, his feet are huge, he loves bath time ( a good sign this boy will love the ocean, right Natalie), and he I think sleeps pretty much through the night. Of course, this is only a taste of who Leo has become. You both see him and know him better than anyone else. Needless, I love how silly you are with Leo, dance around to music with him, and show him a good time, all the time. The love you have for him permeates your surroundings and I know he is going to grow up a happy, well rounded, smart boy!

Cheers to you Natalie and Victoria..you survived a year! I can’t wait to see where the next few years take the three of you! Oh, and of course Happy Birthday Leo!

“Enthusiasm is the invisible source of energy that children find so attractive and contagious. You light the match, and they will carry the torch.”

Love you,


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